Hip Hop Rundown: Soulja Boy & Lil Wayne

Soulja Boy

17 year old Soulja Boy has broken the download record with his first single, “Crank Dat.” Interscope records announced that the hit single has been downloaded 3 million times.

Flo-Rida recently broke the record for most downloads in a week with “Low” that was downloaded $470,000.

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Lil Wayne Discusses The Carter III

Lil Wayne

“The Carter III is coming in 2008. I don’t want to give no months, no date,” he told MTV.” I got a gang of singles [on Carter III]. [It’s] produced by my homeboy Diesel. He’s also a Young Money affiliate. He’s down with us. He’s a producer/singer/engineer. He does it all. I have my artist featured on the song. Her name is Chanell. We already have a remix featuring Brisco and Lil’ Boosie.”

We’re gonna get Gil Green or Benny [Boom] to direct. I really don’t know. They’re all my brothers. The concept is really ‘Showtime,’ just performance. Me and my artist Chanell gonna play a lot with the video. It’s gonna be very animated but straight to the point. Colorful. Y’all [should be looking] to be entertained.”

Call me by a new name: ‘Featuring Lil Wayne,’ “ he said, noting that his various guest appearances will continue to grow as they did last year. Recently, he’s finished up work with Rick Ross and he’s currently writing for Dr. Dre. There’s one star he still wants to work with -Mariah Carey”

First seen- HipHopdx  


~ by Tiffany on January 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Hip Hop Rundown: Soulja Boy & Lil Wayne”

  1. Damn I’m sorry! I love me some WEEZY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. in the wordz of my mans SKILLZ of the 07′ rap up.
    “i dont wanna see YULLLLL, doing that unless YOUUUUUU under 18”


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