Kimberly Locke Speaks On Her Relationship With Harvey Walden IV

Kimberly Locke

Kimberly Locke and Harvey Walden IV were spotted together a couple of weeks ago but have been hush hush on any details. It was all a buzz because Walden is married, well Kimberly has spoken.

Apparently Harvey, known to be the no non sense trainer is in the mist of a divorce, Locke says:

“He’s not officially my boyfriend [his divorce] is why we’re not a couple yet. That is my rule. Whether you’re separated or married — whatever — I would like it to be cleared up. Until then we can hang out together and have fun together.”

For Locke, romance developed after the Fit Club cameras stopped rolling. “We worked out on the show together for four months and never even said anything to each other,” says the “Band of Gold” singer, 30. “I thought he was mean. I didn’t want him to be mean to me, but then after the show was over and I saw him outside of work, he was really nice.”

Harvey Walden

~Wonder if there is a reality show brewing~


~ by Tiffany on January 11, 2008.

25 Responses to “Kimberly Locke Speaks On Her Relationship With Harvey Walden IV”

  1. Holy Shit! Harvey and KIM! Oh man! Didn’t see that one coming. Why she claimin to be all discreet about it but still puttin him on blast for being married. Actin like she’s doing the ethical thing by waiting till he files for divorce! GTFOH!! And Harvey is NOT gonna be somebody i want on top of me huffin and puffin! Ewwww!!!

  2. ummmmm get it kim!!

  3. Maybe she like that drill sergeant thing..someone yelling at her, smackin her around. Kim could be a freak, ya’ll!!!!

  4. wow you people are sooooo wrong!!!!!!! lol

  5. Actually, I think they make a cute couple,well sorta, but if you ask me, i think Harvey and Toccarra would make an even better couple, both girls are beuatiful but Toccarra knows how to work it!!!

    J.H AKA SK

  7. I am with you on that one “JH aka SK!” Harvey in one freakin’ FINE-ASS MUTHAF*CKA!!!!

  8. Wow I always thought that he and Tocarra would get together. Kim and Harvey??? Never saw that one coming. He is so fine!!! He has the sexiest lips!

  9. Harvey should say to the ladies: “Get off your butt & DO ME!”

    LOL….Harvey’s cool.

  10. harvey’s fuckin’ the sbsolute livin’ shit outta’ kimberly locke. he’s probably changing her life totally….

  11. o man dat’s crazi dude ! It’s aight

  12. I’m totally pissed! I feel like noone wanted him until I wanted him I think he is absolutely gorges and if she does not know what to do with that fine ass man lord knows I do!

  13. Go head Kim!!!Do the dam thang!

  14. It is ok for them to be in love they like each other and stuff so just let them be.He alright looking for an old guy.I did not know at all until I look up his name and came upon this website and read what yall had to say and stuff. yall are so freaky and stuff and thats cool to. well I am out.

  15. He is absolutely gorgeous, I’m jealous. I hope she knows what to do with a man like him.

  16. Oh, believe me, Kimberly is a Capricorn woman, and she can keep Harvey more than satisfied. That Harvey is off the hook fine!!!!!!!!!! Kimberly, you look fabulous and you got yourself a winner. You two look like soul mates! He is a keeper. Fine, body to die for and articulate, and I can see through that rough exterior and know that he can keep you more than happy and satisfied! You go girl! Kimberly and Harvey Walden!

  17. They are a nice couple and I met them both and I have the pictures to prove it, they are very down to earth and real people so I wish them all the best.

  18. Kimberly is a gorgeous woman!! Harvey is a beautiful speciman!! I just recently heard of the news that they were together. I think its adorable, the hard nosed Sargeant and the sweet melodious crooner. 😉 They’ll make beautiful kids!! lol…

  19. Right on Kimberly! Harvey is one fine brotha. It’s about time a plus size woman gets the hot guy! 🙂

  20. Ohmmmmm . . . . . hello! He’s married though, . . . . right?

  21. So is he still married or what? Does anyone know. He is a sexy fine black man& he’s bald 2 !!!!

  22. Well, i have been a big fan of harvey since 06 now i hope everyone knows he still married and doesnt mess with kim no more that was the past. Hes on something else like me. lol! I follow him on twitter and facebook hopin one day i can meet him just once and trust we would be friends forever. “Real talk” but, harvery can get the business anytime love ya! ooh rah!!!!!

  23. if hes a marine hes ok with me siempr fi

  24. This website is great d4e4b1c16d236478a6f00b92012f80f6

  25. I think they should do a Celebrity Fit Club porn parody. And like Peach said, Harvey can use the line, “Get off ya ass and do me.” But to stay on topic, people hook up on reality TV all the time,so its no surprise to me.

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