First Hip-Hop Fraternity


There are some trendsetters at Indiana University that have started the first Hip Hop Fraternity that include the four elements of Hip-Hop. The founders of HIP said they want to educate the community, express themselves artistically and end the negative stereotypes associated with hip-hop.

Eta Iota Rho, also known as HIP, was founded by Quinnton Parker, Justin Wolverton, and Keane Rowley, three young break-dancers who weren’t quite excited about the current state of Hip-Hop.

“We’re not here with [false] intentions, this isn’t a publicity stunt,” Quinnton Parker, one of the founders of Eta Iota Rho told “All the people involved generally want a change in the Hip-Hop community. They don’t want this negative image that comes from the media. They just want everybody to know what [Hip-Hop] is about.”

Not only is Eta Iota Rho open to MC’s, break-dancers, DJ’s, and graffiti artists, but the organization is also open to Hip-Hop lovers and enthusiasts.

“There are a lot of people that aren’t rappers, but they know a lot about [Hip-Hop],” Parker explained.

Fall 2008 Eta Iota Rho will make there debut on campus.

First seen- All Hip Hop


~ by Tiffany on January 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “First Hip-Hop Fraternity”

  1. Why start a frat???? Couldn’t a student group have just as much impact?

  2. I think that was the point to do something were there could be chapters on different campuses something with more foundation than just a student group.


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